Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: "Bleeding Edge" by Thomas Pynchon

It is always good to get the bad book out of the year sooner rather than later, cause I’m glad to say that great books come along far more frequently than bad ones do. And this year’s rotten egg is the newest tome by American headache causer Thomas Pynchon. I have never been a fan of his books. The ways in which he piles so much useless, esoteric facts into a ball of twine that is impossible to untangle never really sat well with me. It was Pynchon being somewhat of an intellectual bully, and there are much better post-modern authors to read that are easier and way more fulfilling. But nothing prepared me for how hilariously bad Bleeding Edge was. What do you think an aging intellectual like Pynchon would sound like writing about Notorious B. I. G., modern reality television, and video games? It sounds as bad as it really is, but it is quite fun to read. The loose plot that is characteristic of Pynchon follows Maxine, a house wife/internet terrorist who is living in 2001 New York right after the dotcom crash but right before the 9/11 attacks. I knew I was in for an exercise in awful when, within the first fifty pages, Maxine is giving an almost Ayn Rand-ian  graduation speech to a group of 8th graders. From there, it get more ridiculous, and you can’t help but laugh harder as things get crazier and more nonsensical. From a law office named after Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger (which I always have problems with since I am fans of those film franchises and people always treat them as a joke) to ill advised dissection of films such as The Wizard of Oz and Johnny Mnemonic. Nothing rings true, but everything is bloated to the point of near-explosion. While I may have had enough of Pynchon, it was nice to sit back and laugh.
Rating: 1/5

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