Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: "Snowblind" by Christopher Golden

For all its faults and its’ brief forays into the corny and trite, Snowblind, a novel by author Christopher Golden is a novel I really needed to read after a series of rather hard and challenging books, and the perfect book to round out the first half of my year’s reading list before I take a five day break. This superior horror novel shares a lot with Stephen King’s third novel Salem’s Lot, and it does for snow what that novel did for small towns. It has a rather unique setup, and find it hard to believe that snow has been used so rarely as a tool for terror and dread, and Golden skillfully crafts each of those emotions, and the fact that we care so deeply about the semi-large cast of characters tend to elevate this book past a lot of schmaltz, some failures to suspend disbelief, and a rather tepid climax, which I tend to befall many books in this genre. One night during a snowstorm in Coventry, New Hampshire, a mysterious force takes the lives of eighteen people. Twelve years later, another storm is on the horizon, and those affected most by the blizzard, a cop who watched a boy he was trying to save disappear, an oddball police photographer who watched his brother pulled to his death by some nefarious force, a petty criminal whose wife lost her life while he was getting drunk, a couple who found each other while snowed in even when the man’s mother was killed, must contend with the evil that destroyed their lives twelve years before: an evil in search of something hidden within some of the citizen’s of Coventry. Golden’s attention to detail is very good: even on a hot day it was easy to feel the chill that the characters do. Some characters are paper thin, like a burly police detective and a pair of two bit criminals to go along with some of the book’s other mentioned faults, but this book was a pure blast, and its final lines, as Stephen King promised, are chilling (no pun intended) enough to grab you by the throat.
Rating: 4/

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