Monday, November 7, 2016

Review: "The City of Mirrors" by Justin Cronin

The biggest hurdle The City of Mirrors has to jump over is the passage (no pun intended) of time. It has been four years since Justin Cronin’s second book in his proposed Passage trilogy, The Twelve came out, and now, with the third one here so long after the last installment, a lot of the grandeur that kept me enthralled over books one and two has sadly faded away (I guess I know now how Game of Thrones fans feel). If you are picking this up after having just read the first two books, you’ll be fine and the story will be able to work as a grand, complex whole. If like me, it has been awhile since you visited these characters, you’d be obliged to read up on them in someway, whether rereading the books, which I rarely do, listening to the audio versions, which I did for the first one back in 2013, but even that and a prologue at the beginning of this book, didn’t help bring this series of novels to a satisfying close for me. I won’t get into the heavier details, since a lot of what this book is about hinges on what happens in the first two books. Let’s just say that thing seem normal at the beginning, with a few people and loyalties scattered across the southern tip of what used to be the United States. Of course they aren’t and that is mainly due to the rise of Patient Zero of the viral epidemic, Fanning, whose sad story is the best part of this novel: a fresh tale of woe among characters and settings I could barely recall at times, let alone bask in their importance. It might be an unfair assessment of this book, which is well written and more sophisticated than other books like it, but this final installment of a series that fascinated me has left me more than a bit underwhelmed.
Rating: 4/5

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